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We design the details they’ll remember

Feel as passionate about your  floral design  as you do about your vows


You can keep it  simple  with the one team equipped for all your floral and event design needs.


Every detail is precious to us, which is why we expanded our services from floral design to event styling and now full-day event coordination. You’ll have fun in the process as we design the details they’ll remember.

We create an experience that’s not only unique but authentic for you and every one of your guests.

Our process starts with an in-depth consultation, which is why you’ll see such a huge difference event-to-event in our portfolio. Our goal is to make your event “yours” in a way that hits home.


This shouldn’t be a “C&C” wedding, it should be your wedding. Start by telling us your dream. We’ve worked for years to build the artistry to make your one day happen…because “someday” just became “today.”

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